Asset Map

Diagnostic and Prognostic study (DPMS)
Prognostic and Natural History study (PNHS)
EMIF-AD multimodal biomarker discovery study (MBD)
EMIF-AD 90+ study
EMIF-AD PreclinAD study
Longitudinal Cohort Study (LCS)
Cohort of patients with recurrent depressive disorder who will use RMT
Cohort of MS patients
Cohort of epilepsy patients with ongoing seizures despite treatment
Disease relevant cohorts of hiPSC lines
Omics data from iPSC cells, humanised ApoE mouse models
Animal data from multi-site experiments
Omics data on patient tissue and cellular disease models
Genetic screens for tau and alpha-synuclein aggregation
Publically available data on hiPSC lines and donors
Personal Data through DAC
Omics data from CSF/plasma from MCI patients
Clinical, neuroimaging and -omics datasets from AETIONOMY PD study
Neuroimaging datasets from the AMYPAD PNHS and DPMS studies
EMIF Catalogue
Clinical, biomarker and neuroimaging data from the EPAD LCS study
Neuroimaging data from the KCL neuroimaging study
Real-world data from RADAR-AD study of multiple wearable and digital devices
Biosamples from people with AD, MCI, or healthy individuals
DNA, CSF, plasma, serum and fibroblasts samples from the AETIONOMY PD study
Plasma, DNA and CSF from participants of the EMIF-AD Multimodal biomarker discovery study (MBD)
Blood samples, CSF and skin biopsies from participants of the EMIF-AD 90+ study
Blood and CSF from participants of the EMIF-AD PreclinAD study
Longitudinal Cohort Study biosamples
CSF samples from the TREM2 variant cohort of KCL
EMIF-AD data Catalogue
Tools for federated EHR analysis
Trial Delivery Centre (TDC) network
The EPAD Register
Proof of Concept Trial Platform
Radar Base Platform
NeuroMMSig server
EBiSC public catalogue
EBiSC Data Access Committee
Biomedical Knowledge Miner from Fraunhofer
iPSC-derived cell models of ApoE risk alleles
In silico model of neurodegenerative disease mechanisms
HiPSC lines derived from >37 different disease backgrounds
In vitro and in silico models of the blood-brain barrier
iPSC-based and organotypic cultures, neuronal models and animal models of alpha-synuclein or tau aggregation or propagation
Stratification Algorithms
Procedures for federated data management
Risk factors for amyloid pathology, predictors for cognitive decline: clinical biology of AD
Participant Registry in EPAD (PREPAD) tool
DerIDIOM tool
VElocity for EPAD (VEEPAD) tool
Subject Enrolment in EPAD (SEEPAD) tool
Ethics work on biomarker disclosure
Procedures for trial delivery centre certification, agreement template, etc.
Patient engagement protocols
EQIPD Quality System
Handbook of good research practice in non-clinical pharmacology and biomedicine
Living systematic review
Tools for isolating and characterising Tau & a-Synuclein, including aggregation assays
Tools and assays for targeting and analysing TREM2 & CD33
EBiSC template PIS and ICF
Protocols on use of hiPSC lines
hPSCreg nomenclature tools
Ethical and legal framework
EXAG Advisory Agreement Template
Data Cube
Relevant functional outcomes for different stakeholder groups
Research Participant Panel
Protocols for patient engagement
Patient Advisory Board
Patient Advisory Board
EPAD Academy
Training videos on use of hiPSC lines
EQIPD Training Platform
EQIPD Quality Label
A guidance for core facilities
A tool to support sponsored research
A guidance for industry-academia collaboration
Online toolbox
Advanced augmented reality monitor for assessing the risk of Alzheimer and Dementia
Daily life tasks monitoring app for cognitive status assessment (Banking App)
Advanced data management dashboard for monitoring of data continuity from remote sensors
TREM2 cleavage modulators and uses thereof
Advanced passive remote monitoring (pRMT) application for user behavior modelling.
Manual data upload tool for remote monitoring sensors data acquisition files.
Mezurio - A smartphone app supporting active participation in research studies and clinical trials
Using musculoskeletal models to estimate in vivo TKR kinematics and loads: effect of differences between models
Living Evidence AD Decision Modelling
A Roadmap to Inform Development, Validation and Approval of Digital Mobility Outcomes
Priority list of functional domains.
On-chip microfluidic multisize spheroid array
Sensor fusion algorithm
Digital Health Catalyst
Ontology for describing animal experiments
The C-Surv Data Model
The NEURO Cohort Data Model
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