Long Name Parkinson disease with mild cognition impairment treated with nicotinic agonist drug
Description Parkinson disease with mild cognition impairment treated with nicotinic agonist drug. Currently, there is an unmet clinical need to treat Parkinson's disease with Mild Cognitive Impairment (PD-MCI). In fact, nicotinic agonists are specifically relevant for this condition. Hence, the major aim of the PD-MIND project is to identify the potential of the nicotinic α7 agonist AZD0328 in a randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel group, international multicentre study on cognitive function in people diagnosed with PD-MCI.
Objectives 1. Determine the effectiveness of AZD0328 on cognitive decline in people with Parkinson as a primary outcome measure in PD-MCI. 2. Identify the most relevant cognitive areas improved by AZD0328, and the underlying mechanisms involved.
Start date 01-05-2019
End date 30-04-2022
Name Projects Type of institution Country  
Parkinson's Disease Society Of The United Kingdom LBG NEURONET PD-MitoQUANT IDEA-FAST PD-MIND Patient/carers organisation United Kingdom
University Of Exeter PRISM EMIF PD-MIND Pharma-Cog Academia United Kingdom
Astrazeneca AB MOPEAD PHAGO Mobilise-D IDEA-FAST PD-MIND Pharma-Cog EFPIA Sweden
King's College London PHAGO RADAR-CNS RADAR-AD EMIF PD-MIND EPND Academia United Kingdom
Helse Stavanger Hf IDEA-FAST PD-MIND Academia Norway
Masarykova Univerzita PD-MIND Academia Czech Republic
Technische Universitaet Dresden PD-MIND Academia Germany
Universita Degli Studi Gabriele D'Annunzio Di Chieti-Pescara PD-MIND Academia Italy
Norges Parkinsonforbund PD-MIND Patient/carers organisation Norway
WP number Description Project  
WP1 Management PD-MIND
WP2 Clinical Trial PD-MIND
WP3 Data Management and analysis PD-MIND
WP4 Biomarker component PD-MIND
WP5 Dissemination and Exploitation PD-MIND
WP6 Ethics PD-MIND
Deliverable number Title Project Submission date Link Keywords  
D5.5 Exploitation plan PD-MIND 14-04-2020
D5.2 Communication and dissemination plan, including (scientific) publications PD-MIND 29-09-2019
D5.1 Project website (EN) PD-MIND 12-11-2019
D5.3 Translated patient webpages (DE, IT, CZ, NO) PD-MIND 17-03-2020
D5.6 Exploitation plan (updated version) PD-MIND 03-04-2021
D5.8 Communication and dissemination plan, including (scientific) publication – updated version PD-MIND 10-05-2021
Title First author last name Year Project Link Keywords  
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