Name ROADMAP Data cube
Projects ROADMAP
Publication date 10-05-2019
Type of data available Overview of availability of European real-world data on Alzheimer’s disease.
Description The Data Cube can be seen as a three-dimensional ‘heat map’ to interactively visualise how European data sources capture relevant AD-related outcomes. It also provides an overview of the relevance of such outcomes for different disease stages, and for different types of stakeholders. ROADMAP’s Interactive Data Cube does not provide access to any underlying data for any of the different data sources. Its aim is to only provide high-level information about availability of such data, as provided by the data sources themselves. ROADMAP does not represent in any way any of the data sources included herein. Actual availability of the data, the extent of such availability and procedures to gain access pertain to the applicable policies, rules and regulations of each of the data sources. Interested parties should contact data sources directly.
Keywords (comma separated) real-world data, Alzheimer’s disease


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